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a Tiger

The Simple Path To
Training Like a Tiger

Do You Understand The Secrets of Tiger's Success?

Tiger's Swing Secrets Revealed.

In this interactive series of books and webinars you will learn the story of what Tiger Woods did and how, through a simple 3-step process you can apply this to your own game.

Learn Tiger's secrets to success in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Understand what Tiger did to develop his talent

Step 2

Understand what made Tiger successful through the new science of learning

Step 3

Apply these findings to your own game with simple, fun exercises


More Than a Book.

We Write. You Read. We Discuss.

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Read, Learn & Train Differently

This isn't just a book about Tiger Woods.

It's an interactive series of training books and webinars desinged to accelerate your learning and help you become a more skilful golfer no matter your level.​

Chapter & Webinar 1

Tiger Par and Play

Learn the power of Tiger par, why it's important, and how you can apply it to your own game through games and exercises.

Chapter & Webinar 2

Romancing the Tiger

Learn how the abundance of play in Tiger's development can be used to accelerate your development through games and exercises.

Chapter & Webinar 3

The Eye of the Tiger

Develop a heightened sense of awareness and learn how to move the club and your ball flight at your will like Tiger.

Chapter & Webinar 4

Tiger's Den

Learn how Tiger's environment in his early years shaped his expertise and how you can optimise your practice environment.

Chapter & Webinar 5

Tease the Tiger

Learn how to create challenging and competitive practice environments and stretch your skills like a Tiger.


In Training Like A Tiger You Will Learn:

Simple, fun & effective exercises to accelerate your skill development.

An understanding of the new science of learning, connected to Tiger's development, helping you become a more skilful golfer.

Exactly what Tiger Woods did to become world-class and how you can too.


Book 1

Book 2

Tiger Gets Some Claws

Book 3

Tiger Bites

Book 4

Tiger Roars

Book 5

Tiger’s Coach’s


Get Your Claws On
The Complete Series

About The Authors

Author’s Associated Professor Ian Renshaw and Performance Coach Peter Arnott stumbled across a goldmine of the secrets on Tiger’s success.

Ian and Peter have scoured countless interviews, books, documentaries and research papers of Tiger’s development and brought it together in a simple 3-step process that is easy for you to read,
understand and apply.



Learn The New Science
of Tiger's Training