Swing Like Tiger
A course on how you can develop a consistent swing like Tiger.

  • Lesson 1 Consistency

    Consistency Lesson 1 - FREE Access
    Free Plan
    • ✔ Understand what consistency really is
    • ✔ Get better faster with a Free Consistency Drill
    • ✔ Help you develop a more consistent swing
  • Course Start 1st December

    Swing Like Tiger

    5 Lessons Included
    • ✔ Learn Tiger's swing secrets
    • ✔ Get better faster with interactive drills and exercises
    • ✔ Learn why what Tiger did is key to your success.

Customer Reviews


Iain Highfield

This course is absolute gold, not only because of the content inside, but because it makes some of the most up to date and powerful research on how golf can be learned more efficiently, practical digestible and fun for the whole of the golfing world. Using the GOAT (Tiger Woods) to communicate their message is genius and makes the information we may sometimes struggle to engage with compelling. I believe this course to be a game changer for all levels of golfer.

Andrew Losey.jpg

Andrew Losey

Swing Like Tiger gives a phenomenal look into how arguably the greatest golfer of all time practiced and became so talented. Plus, the practice guides give an easy to follow path for improving your own golf game. All golfers and coaches should try this course.

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