Swing Like Tiger

A course on how you can develop a consistent swing like Tiger.

Improve your game with Tiger's swing secrets

Get insights into the new science of learning

Learn through an interactive course



Get better faster, through the new science of learning.

You want to get better at golf?

You've tried everything - books, videos, lessons - but nothing seems to work! Swing Like Tiger is a course that will help you develop a consistent swing like Tiger.

Ian and  Peter are putting together this course that takes Tiger's swing secrets, breaks them down with the new science of learning, and teaches you how to get better faster.


Who is this for?

+ You are interested in stories on what Tiger did to develop his Swing

+ You are keen to understand why the way Tiger developed his swing is so important to your own development

+ You are interested in how the new science of learning can get you better faster

+You want to try exercises and drills that will help you develop a more consistent swing


Swing Like Tiger Content

This course is comprised of a series of 5 lessons that include videos (live and pre-recorded), articles and example exercises, designed to balance theory and practice, strip away the fluff, and get you to develop a consistent swing like Tiger.

Lesson 1 : Consistency

Discover what Consistency really is through the new science of learning


Lesson 3: Tiger's Eye

Learn how to develop your swing by watching and learning from skilled golfers just like Tiger did.


Lesson 2: Tiger's Toy

Develop a heightened sense of awareness of your club & ball like Tiger.


Lesson 5: Tiger's Training Aids

Learn what training aids Tiger has used and how you can use them to accelerate your learning.

Lesson 4: Tiger Par

Improve your golf skills as Tiger did starting from the simplest swing.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is in this Course?

Each of the 5 lessons is broken up into 3 easy steps:


Step 1 - Includes stories on What Tiger did in his development

Step 2 - Why, through understanding the new science of learning, theses stories are important to your development

Step 3 -How you can apply these learnings through exercises and drills.


Each step will have a pdf article and a pre-recorded webinar.

Each lesson will have a live webinar with Ian and Peter

See Here for course timetable

Ian and Peter, who are they?

Ian Renshaw is a Associate Professor at QUT in Brisbane and has published over a 100 journals in sport science and numerous books. Peter Arnott is a performance golf coach based in Edinburgh, Scotland and has a Masters by Research. Ian and Peter have already co-authored a 5 star rated book on Amazon together aimed at golf coaches. Both are keen golfers.


Will the Webinars be recorded?

Yes. If you miss a live webinar it will be recorded and uploaded to the site within 14 days.

How can I give feedback or ask questions about the content?

There is a live discussion board section under each chapter when you sign in + there will be a live webinar after each lesson.

You can also email info@swingliketiger.com