Table of Contents

Chapter & Webinar 1

Tiger Par and Play

Learn the power of Tiger par, why it's important, and how you can apply it to your own game through games and exercises.

Chapter & Webinar 2

Romancing the Tiger

Learn how the abundance of play in Tiger's development can be used to accelerate your development through games and exercises.

Chapter & Webinar 3

The Eye of the Tiger

Develop a heightened sense of awareness and learn how to move the club and your ball flight at your will like Tiger.

Chapter & Webinar 4

Tiger's Den

Learn how Tiger's environment in his early years shaped his expertise and how you can optimise your practice environment.

Chapter & Webinar 5

Tease the Tiger

Learn how to create challenging and competitive practice environments and stretch your skills like a Tiger.


Book 2

Tiger Gets Some Claws

Book 3

Tiger Bites

Book 4

Tiger Roars

Book 5

Tiger’s Coach’s